Juan Makes an Impact

When Juan first applied to Farther Foundation for an enrichment travel scholarship he said,

“I’ve always been confined to the boundaries of the city’s south side. While this in itself is not necessarily bad, it’s not what I want my life to be.”

Well, Juan earned his scholarship and was able to participate with The Road Less Traveled on a community service and outdoor adventure program in Cost Rica. Upon his return, Juan shared with us a list of all the “Firsts” he encountered during his program…

  • The first flight abroad – in fact the first trip of any kind that he was old enough to remember.
  • The first time to have a room without a family member.
  • The first time doing construction work.
  • The first time cooking for others.
  • The first time in a rain forest.
  • The first time swimming, rafting, surfing, kayaking or zip lining.

But the most important first he shared was:

“On our last day doing service, we got to hang out with the local people from the area and the school staff. We played games and had a water balloon fight. Then the school staff and community had a little present for us. They gave us a mug that said “Costa Rica” and had candy in the inside. It was the best gift I could ever get and it was the first time I felt like I made an impact.”

There are many things our students learn when they challenge themselves to take a bold step beyond the familiar, but the most important lesson is that they can and will have an impact.

Go Farther!

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