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We are firmly convinced that educational travel is singular in its ability to open the eyes and unbind the aspirations of students whose experiences rarely escape the boundaries of their own neighborhoods. We offer this collection of photos and stories that students have shared upon their completion of summer travel. Enjoy…
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Oluseyi Rises to Challenges

Each year at Farther Foundation our scholarship recipients return from their summer programs and write essays to share their experiences with us. A panel reads all the essays and awards prizes to our favorite. The first place winner this year is Oluseyi. Oluseyi earned the opportunity to spend part of his summer at Johns Hopkins University in an advanced engineering program. His essay reflects on the conditions he now struggles with in his neighborhood and the opportunities and responsibilities that will be part of his future. Here's what he wrote…

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Lizbeth finds a second family in Panama

When Lizbeth first applied to Farther Foundation for an enrichment travel scholarship she was excited that a home stay with a local family would be part of her program because she would,

“learn more about the family’s culture by being a part of their daily lives.”

Lizbeth was awarded a scholarship and chose to participate in an American Field Service (AFS) program in Panama, where she would learn the local language and culture, provide service in the community and indeed live with a local family.

Our students, when thrust into new environments often meet unexpected experiences and emotions. Lizbeth certainly did as well, but her expectation about the value of a family experience in a new culture was all she expected and more…

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A Great Opportunity to Visit the Great Wall

During the course of the last three summers, 48 low-income, Chicago area high school students have participated in enrichment programs around the world with the aid of Farther Foundation grants. While on their programs, these students had unique experiences that opened their eyes to a new world of possibilities and raised their expectations for what they could achieve in their education and in their lives.
     The investment Farther Foundation makes in these eager and deserving students is paying off. In an environment where only about 54% of Chicago Public High School students are graduating, Farther Foundation supported students are graduating high school and enrolling in college at a 100% rate.
     One of these students is Ryan. Ryan and his brother are being raised by his mother alone on a very modest income. He receives academic support and mentoring through HighSight, a great organization that also encouraged him to travel abroad last summer in pursuit of new horizons. Here is what Ryan had to say about his adventure in China with The Experiment in International Living…

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Language Immersion and Community Service in Costa Rica

Farther Foundation awarded Brittanie a scholarship to go to Costa Rica this summer and participate in a language immersion and community service program offered by Rustic Pathways. Brittanie leaves tomorrow, and she sent us this note today…

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Christopher in Argentina

Christopher is a senior at De La Salle High School in Chicago and a participant in the Highsight program, one of the great organizations we partner with to provide academic and social support to students from low-income families in Chicago.

In his scholarship application to Farther Foundation, Christopher said he wanted to travel abroad so he could,

“assist people in need to the best of my abilities” and “open my eyes and experience what else there is in this world besides what I encounter on a daily basis.”

Farther Foundation awarded Christopher a scholarship that helped him travel to Argentina on a four-week community service program with Putney Student Travel. Upon his return Christopher shared some of his thoughts and experiences with us…

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Juan Makes an Impact

When Juan first applied to Farther Foundation for an enrichment travel scholarship he said,

“I’ve always been confined to the boundaries of the city’s south side. While this in itself is not necessarily bad, it’s not what I want my life to be.”

Well, Juan earned his scholarship and was able to participate with The Road Less Traveled on a community service and outdoor adventure program in Cost Rica. Upon his return, Juan shared with us a list of all the “Firsts” he encountered during his program…

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