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Windsor Mountain International

Our Philosophy

Take risks!
Each Bridge program is designed with utmost care. The program itinerary serves as a vehicle for exploration, rather than a list of tasks that must be accomplished. A hallmark of our approach to student travel is the freedom we allow our leaders in making spontaneous changes to any given itinerary in response to the daily needs of the group and to new opportunities as they present themselves. Some of the most magical moments on these programs are those that cannot be planned ahead of time, and are created on the fly by our students and experienced trip leaders. It is essential that each group member embrace a willingness to explore, discover, and learn. At Windsor Mountain, taking a risk means more than doing physical things like bungee-jumping or whitewater rafting or rappelling, it means taking the first step into the unknown, and embracing the exploration of uncharted territories, be they physical, mental, or emotional.

Learn respect.
At Windsor Mountain, we strive to honor the thoughts, feelings, and contributions of each individual that becomes a part of our community. Together, a group of Bridge students and their leaders create a mini-community that travels and interacts with many different larger communities during the course of a program. These interactions have at their foundation this idea of mutual respect: leaders for students, students for leaders, students for one another, and above all else, the respect of our students for the peoples and cultures that they encounter. As ambassadors of friendship and good will, we believe that this respect is the first step in establishing positive and lasting worldwide relationships.

Become responsible.
Traveling and living with a group means contributing proactively to the day-to-day work that keeps the group operating smoothly. Group living includes things like cooking, cleaning, shopping, navigating, planning activities, packing and unpacking vans, and keeping an eye on one another in the name of safety. Sometimes group living involves putting in the extra effort to help a fellow group member complete a task, or taking on additional tasks simply because they need to be done for the good of the group. On a Bridge program, responsibility means adopting a group-first attitude in all things.  For some students this will come easily; for others, this might involve a total restructuring of personal priorities. Either way, living and traveling with a group creates new opportunities for self-awareness and personal growth.

Enjoy a simple lifestyle.
Windsor Mountain students live and travel simply. Everything necessary for complete participation in our programs can easily fit into a travel backpack and daypack (book bag). Our program specific packing lists level the playing field, and ensure that all students begin their summer experience on equal footing. Our accommodations are equally practical: some groups spend a majority of their itinerary staying in campgrounds, living in tents, cooking on propane stoves, learning that a good tent can be a comfortable home in any environment. Other groups may stay in youth hostels, school dormitories, in houses with families during home stays, or in some cases, hotels. This commitment to simplicity is an important part of the overall experience of a Bridge Program: we want our students to experience each culture from the ground level, without relying on the creature comforts of home.

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