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Living Routes

Living Routes programs are designed for motivated and mature learners of all ages, and high school and gap year students have thrived on our programs. Our faculty and curriculum actively engage participants in a variety of interdisciplinary topics including social issues, ecology, globalization, worldviews and consciousness, sustainable living and community development. Students meet with traditional healers and farmers, development professionals, artists, social leaders and activists, and mentors in almost all areas of interest. You make deep personal connections with other students, community members, service learning mentors, and people from around the world, and give back to the community through internship projects.

Our semester, summer and January-term programs in India, Scotland, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Senegal, and the US are academic and experiential and are great ways for high school and gap year students to build knowledge and experience. You receive a transcript from the University of Massachusetts Amherst that is transferable to universities and colleges nationwide, as you build the capacity to see your own lives and community in a much broader perspective. Most importantly, our faculty, guest lecturers and service learning mentors provide the kind of mentoring that will help you not only achieve your learning and travel goals, but engage you in a profound process that will focus and expand your interests and help you develop direction, leadership skills, and guidance for your future.

Living Routes offers transformational learning adventures with a superior track record serving hundreds of students. We partner with UMass Amherst, a major US research university, and our programs are reviewed, approved and evaluated continually to maintain the highest levels of academic integrity and health and safety. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you. We invite you and your parents to continue to explore these pages and to contact us for more information at any time.

Read about experiential learning in ecovillages (the GreenTree Gazette).


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