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Longacre Expeditions

Our mission at Longacre Expeditions is to inspire students to grow in leadership and personal responsibility, to feel empowered by their adventures, to discover self-confidence, to lead healthy and active lives, and to become more environmentally conscious.

For 29 seasons we have offered world-class, student adventures in the midst of breathtaking settings in the United States and around the world. Longacre kids make connections, with peers and leaders, with their natural surroundings, and especially with themselves. We are explorers, travelers, adventure-enthusiasts, students, teachers, friendship-seekers and stewards for the environment. After spending part of your summer with us, you walk away with:

  • New skills
  • Personal independence
  • Physical accomplishment
  • Interpersonal growth

Whatever Longacre Expedition you choose, whether it’s your first or your fourth, you will experience growth. You’ll delight in your newly honed leadership skills. You’ll build confidence. You’ll discover your voice and listen to others. You’ll develop a stronger sense of self, and find the courage and integrity to express that self through your words, your actions, and your creativity.


Combine 10-15 eager kids and 2 or 3 charismatic staff. Engage them in amazing activities, and physical and interpersonal challenges. Immerse them in the world’s most magnificent natural settings. Introduce them to like-minded individuals who may become lifelong friends. Teach them to care for and protect the planet. Expose them to different cultures and broaden their global perspectives. Encourage each individual to reach beyond their perceived “comfort zone,” and achieve significant personal growth. The result is one unforgettably transformative and awakening summer experience!

On every Longacre program:

  • Individuals become integral parts of the group and help to build a wholesome community. Each member is essential, bringing talent, creativity, and a sense of humor to the program.
  • We learn to work, play, and travel as a cohesive unit. We invest in relationships and return home with new friends from all over the map.
  • Students develop a greater understanding and appreciation for our natural world.
  • Experience is not always necessary, but a sense of enthusiasm is vital. Our expeditions offer a range of age-appropriate physical challenges and attention to creature comforts. It is important to enroll in a program that fits your abilities and expectations.

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