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Student Conservation Association

National Conservation Crews


If you are currently in High School, between 15 and 19 and looking for tuition-free summer service opportunities, SCA's National Conservation Crews are for you. There's work to be done in all 50 states -- in parks and forests, on beaches and riverbanks, at fisheries and volcanoes. You could be there, carving trails across tundra, building rock steps up woody slopes, constructing foot bridges over marsh lands...

With your crew of 6-8 students from across the country and  two experienced leaders, you'll be up early, rain or shine, felling trees, prying rocks from the ground, building lean-tos, and removing invasive plants. You will become proficient at filtering water and cooking over a 2-burner propane stove. You will learn to use a pulaski to grub and to dig a backcountry latrine and respect leave-no-trace ethics.

While learning outdoor skills, you will also work with others to solve tough problems, be part of a team to run your camp -- cooking, cleaning, sharing responsibilities -- and get in awesome physical shape.

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